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Category: Seasonal Themes

The Fall Equinox Approaches!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the fall equinox is celebrated in a couple weeks (it is September 22nd this year) as Mabon, also called Harvest Home. (Those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the spring equinox, Ostara, at this time.)

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Late Summer Theme: Cooperation

In Deep Time, late summer can span the time from the mid to the late Mesozoic – a time during which many new forms of cooperation evolved, adding the many cooperative ways of life already discovered.  Already established forms of cooperation included our…

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Happy Summer Thermstice/Lammas!

Heat! Summer! Productivity! These and many other themes join with the baking of bread and early harvest celebrations.

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The Summer Cross-Quarter (Summer Thermstice) Approaches!

The Autumn cross-quarter or “Summer Thermstice” is celebrated on August 1 as Lughnasadh/Lammas/Lunasa. This is the hottest time of the year in many places in the Northern Hemisphere. Lammas thus celebrates the heat of the summer, and with it, productivity, vacations, and the early harvest – as well as the returning darkness. Its opposite, Imbolc, is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Early Summer Theme: Productivity

In Deep Time, early summer can span the time from the early Mesozoic to the late Mesozoic – a time during which dinosaurs and other life flourished, finding new ways to succeed.  These ways included enormous size, better care for the young,…

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