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Modern Knowledge, Ancient Wisdom: “The Threefold Rule” by Trellia

I don’t actually view the Threefold Rule as being a magical force at all. I interpret it as words of wisdom for life in general. In one way, it is simply a re-phrasing of the saying “to reap what you sow,” i.e. your actions, good or bad, always have consequences.

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Modern Knowledge, Ancient Wisdom: “The Four Elements and the Four States of Matter” by Trellia

The Four Elements are, by definition, fundamental to many forms of Paganism, and particularly Wicca. In the modern world however, I find it difficult to reconcile the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water with the 100 or so scientific elements — how can I refer to the four elements that make up our world when I know that the reality is far more complex?

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Modern Knowledge, Ancient Wisdom: “Science and Paganism” by Trellia

How can one know that the Moon is a vast, lifeless lump of rock orbiting the Earth, and also believe it is the embodiment of a goddess? So how can we resolve this problem in a rational and scientific world?

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“Toward a Humanist Vocabulary of Reverence” by David Bumbaugh (excerpt)

This is a religious story; it invites us to awe; it demands a vocabulary of reverence. It is a story that is uniquely appropriate to the Humanist tradition.

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