Naturalistic Paganism

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Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Ostara! Warming days and brighter skies lie ahead!

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Let Your Paganism be the Soundtrack of Your Life!


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The Spring Equinox Approaches! + Online Rituals

Can you believe that two years ago, most of us had rarely if ever worn a mask to limit covid, nor had gone to a zoom meeting in our pajamas?

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What magic will *You* make this New Years Eve?

This year, for the first time in the ~14 billion year history of our Universe, all of us can do so with a synchronized web page! 

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Yule (the Winter Solstice) is coming up fast, + a bunch of Online Rituals!

The longer nights around Winter Solstice give our Moon greater prominence – a perfect reminder of the Artemis missions! For many of us, this is a big Sabbat, which takes a more preparation (and if you are buying gifts, the Naturalistic Pagan Gift List here might help).  

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