Naturalistic Paganism

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Neopaganism FAQ by Eric S. Raymond

The neopagan phenomenon is a loose collection of religious movements, experiments, and jokes combining some very new thinking with some very old sources.

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Neo-Pagan History Quiz

Take this 12 question quiz to see how much you know about the history of Neo-Paganism.

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“Why Are So Many Women Embracing Vesta & Contemporary Paganism?” by Debra Macleod

The rediscovery of ancient faiths like Vesta, as well as other pre-Christian polytheistic belief systems, has been skyrocketing for years now.  And while both men and women are embracing these, I’d like to focus here on why women are doing…

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“Exploring the Historical Roots of Naturalistic Paganism” by B. T. Newberg

Were there Naturalistic Pagans in the ancient world? Many may assume that Naturalistic Pagans, who tend to be agnostics or atheists, are an exclusively modern phenomenon. If there were naturalists among ancient Pagans, how might that change the way we see the myths and traditions on which Pagans of all styles of belief base their practices?

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“A Brief History of Neo-Paganism” by John Halstead

Neo-Paganism has its roots in the 19th century Romantic movement in England and Germany which saw ancient paganism as an ideological and aesthetic counter to the influence of Western modernity and industrialism.

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