Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice, or Yule!  Of course, our spherical planet also gives us the beautiful symmetry of the Summer Solstice (Litha) being celebrated now by our Southern Hemisphere friends.


Some of the ways many of us are celebrating were published a few weeks ago.  For me, between wrapping presents and other final preparations, it’s hard to find time to prepare this short post! 

Among the many stone circles and other sacred monuments that align to the Winter Solstice, one of the most wonderful is the tomb at Newgrange.  There, only at sunrise on the Winter Solstice, a thin passage allows a ray of sunlight to shine on the triple spiral carving.  They do let people be there for that, but your odds are quite low.  Literally thousands of people request to be there every year, and so they hold a lottery to determine who the lucky few are. For many years I’ve dreamed of going to Newgrange for the sacred moment of the Solstice, and am glad to see that they are now webcasting it!  Here is the trailer.


Also, In addition to those, Here is a video poetry reading for the Winter Solstice. Happy Solstice!


One Comment on “Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. I went to Newgrange last year when I visited Ireland. One of my favorite places in Ireland for sure. Oddly, I was there for the Fall Equinox more or less. Oops!

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