New Pagan Music! Our Inspiring Pagan Revival Gains Another Voice – Bog Bodies!

Music is an compelling part of nearly any spirituality, and as Pagans, we have a connection to the deep and moving body of Pagan music.  John Halstead’s posts of music for each Sabbat help us fill this need.  In addition to that, now, another invigorating source of music arrives –  with the release of three new songs (“The Regime”, “Firelighters”, and “Dead are Dancing”) for their upcoming album “Reclaim the Ritual”, here are Bog Bodies!

Bog Bodies Debut

From their description of “Firelighters“:

May be an image of 1 person, sitting, fire and outdoors

BOG BODIES’ new single FIRELIGHTERS is an inspired and cinematic encapsulation of their patented “Druid Rock” sound, that bridges genre and generational divides. The music takes you on a visceral, sonic journey, with lush instrumentation, a driving groove and a captivating lyrical narrative. BOG BODIES are in perfect form on FIRELIGHTERS and the energy and innovation are both intoxicating and undeniable.

No photo description available.

FIRELIGHTERS is the first of a 3-single campaign that will pave the way to their debut album, RECLAIM THE RITUAL, out later in 2022.

Here is the latest song, Dead are Dancing!

Give them a listen at their facebook page, or YouTube channel!


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