Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox, or Ostara!  Just two years ago, the pandemic was rapidly ramping up.  Today, the pandemic has killed a million Americans and over 6 million worldwide (likely much more), and the vaccines have saved millions who would have died.    Even in this surreal time, we can still observe the seasonal change.  The orbit of the Earth of course isn’t effected by a pandemic.

Our spirituality brings us Ostara today – a very timely reminder that life returns after challenges, as well as a reminder of how important our respect for science is.  Of course, our spherical planet also gives us the beautiful symmetry of the  Fall Equinox (& Mabon) being celebrated now by our Southern Hemisphere friends.  The moment of the Equinox is at 9:37 AM (UT), Saturday, March 20th.  Life will return!

Most of the online celebrations are today.  Check out the links here to join any of them.


Some of the ways many of us are celebrating were published a few weeks ago. My family will celebrate the Equinox Sunday, with the egg coloring and other traditions mentioned in the post just linked to.  We have found that leaving them in the dye in the cold garage over night deepens their color.  In whatever way you are celebrating, Happy Equinox!

This is an  updated version of the yearly Spring Equinox announcement.   An overview of the eight holidays of the Wheel of the Year, from a naturalistic perspective, is here.

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