Pagan Event! Check out our Naturalistic Pagan Panel at Free Spirit Gathering Online, June 18-20, 2021! + Pagan Spirit Gathering June 25-27

This coming Saturday, just in time for Solstice, we are fortunate enough to have a Naturalistic Pagan panel at the Free Spirit Gathering!  It’s one of the oldest Pagan events in the United States!  It shows how far we have come, from being attacked in 2014 (and, of course at other times), towards being fully accepted in the Pagan community.  Register now!

On Saturday, June 19, at 7:00 pm EASTERN time, a panel of nontheist Pagans including me (Jon Cleland Host) will present to the Free Spirit Gathering. Panelists include  Bonnie (Sedna Woo), Mark Green, Arwen Gwyneth (Yucca) and John Halstead.  I can’t wait to hear the discussion!

There will be workshops and rituals, where they’ve created online locations that mirror the locations at Ramblewood where the in person festival is held.   That way it feels even more like you are there in person., when you mouse over Locations you can see the various workshop locations, go to the location and you’ll see two windows, a “broadcast” window that shows the presenter or officiants, and then a chat window, where you can ask questions, and chat with each other.

Some workshops and ritual that require more interactivity will be conducted via zoom. In this case, you’ll see a zoom link which you will click on to attend the event. You can do this inside your web browser, or using the Zoom client.  Plus vendors, and more!


Also, the 41st annual Pagan Spirit Gathering will be held virtually this year from June 25-27 via private Facebook group.  They have a full and fulfilling round-the-clock schedule, featuring the finest presenters sharing their knowledge and musicians offering concerts!  TODAY is the last day to register, however, so decide quickly!

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