from the CCL Earth-based Spirituality Action Team: Conference and Video!

You might remember from 2019, when the founding of the Earth Based Spirituality Action Team (a chapter of the Climate Change Lobby – CCL) was announced here on the Naturalistic Paganism blog.  Both CCL and our Earth-based chapter are going strong!  Here is information on the CCL National conference, which you can attend, and a video from our EB team.

The CCL may be one of the biggest parts of the multi-pronged effort needed if we are going to significantly slow climate change. Here is a quick overview (from the interview mentioned above) for those of us not already involved.
Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a grassroots nonprofit started here in the United States about ten years ago, which has grown into a into a global organization. Everyone — well, almost everyone — acknowledges we have a huge problem with how we humans pump so much carbon into the atmosphere, in industrialized societies. Everyone knows we need to limit these emissions, but how? One solution that has emerged as the most credible is called “carbon fee and dividend.” The idea is you put a price on carbon pollution, collect a fee from the polluters, and then pay that back to the citizens. That puts economic pressure to change the footing of our economy, and helps the common person cope with the changes. It may only be one piece of the puzzle, but it’s a pretty big piece. That’s the solution that Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocates.

The 2021 CCL Conference: June 12-13

This year’s conference will cover topics from practical ways to make this carbon reduction effort, to race related effects of climate change, and much more, which can be seen at the webpage (and you can register for the conference there too).

From that page:

It Takes a Coalition 

Keynote speakers Jasmine Sanders, Executive Director of Our Climate, and Jerry Taylor, President of Niskanen Center, will share what their organizations are doing this year in support of climate solutions. At our breakout sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from faith groups, local leaders, businesses and more about their perspectives on the push for a price on carbon.

Grassroots Action 

Grassroots action is at the heart of the push for a price on carbon. Citizens’ Climate grassroots supporters span the United States and its diverse climates and interests. Together, we’ll double down on the push for a price. You’ll be trained on actions you can take in your community, with the media, and with your member of Congress.

Additionally, we are offering 4 seminars on Sunday, June 13th at 1pm ET that will dive deeper into the topics than a regular conference breakout. Sign up for one when you register.

Earth Based Spirituality Action Team

As one part of this larger, global movement toward reducing our carbon footprint, our Earth Based Spirituality Action Team both helps our Earth as well as bringing religious diversity to this effort.  At our last meeting we recorded statements of why we are involved.  You can see the video here:

We hope to see  you at the conference, and you are also invited to our Earth Based Spirituality Action Team meetings too!  The next meeting is June 14th (the day after the conference), and the speaker will be Jon Cleland Host.  We keep the meetings to 30 minutes to respect everyone’s time.  The link for the zoom meeting for all our meetings (usually 2nd or 3rd Monday each month) is here, and can be bookmarked.

Available for interviews

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