Announcing our Science Editorial Team!

Announcing our new Science Editorial Team!  I’m overjoyed at both the response to our call for science input as well as the team we have now as a result!

Both the undestanding of science, and especially the respect for evidence, reason and science, are critically needed in today’s world.  We have an important part to play, and can do so much better with the help of our Science Editorial Team.  I can’t wait for their posts!
Our new Science Editorial Team is:


Katerina has been an animal and nature lover from birth, and has identified as a pagan and witch since her teenage years.   Her love of the natural world led her to pursue a bachelors in science.   She worked in research at the Yale School of Medicine for over a decade and was co-author on several academic papers.  She has now left the world of academic research science to pursue more satisfying and creative interests.  Some of her many other passions include hiking and backpacking, baking, creating nature-based rituals, growing things, and living seasonally and ethically.  Currently, she operates a custom clothing and accessories business, a pagan-themed soap-making business, and teaches garment sewing classes on the shoreline of Connecticut.


William has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from SUNY at Buffalo.  He is Director of both the Molecular Cores of the Yale Diabetes Endocrine Research Center and the Yale Core Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, and is a senior Research Scientist in the Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Endocrinology and Metabolism.  He has authored and coauthored many academic papers and mentored many students and post-docs during his career.  He is a life-long and devout atheist, although enjoys honoring and being in nature, its cycles, and is concerned over the multitude of environmental crises we currently face.   William is also a drummer for over 40 years, enjoys building things, renovating their home, and terrifying his wife by climbing up ladders.


Gabriel Dietz is currently a manuscript editor of specialty journals.  He has been editing science journals for the past 5 years. He studied Classical Languages with an emphasis on ancient religions, initiation, and mystery cults in the ancient Mediterranean at UC Berkeley. After receiving his BA, he studied history of science and religions, intellectual history, and critical theory at UChicago for his masters degree.  He has been a ritualist and mystical neuronaut for most of his life.


Kansas Stanton is a Neo-Pagan who resides in Seattle, Washington. He belongs to, and practices with, a local group of Reform Pagans and blogs at He also volunteers every year at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle and regularly attends various Pagan festivals and events.

He is a full-time student, earning his degree in Environmental Science and a Certificate in Sustainability, after which time he will move on to grad school (climate science). When Kansas is not in class or working his job in the art industry, he also attends heavy metal concerts both locally and internationally. He is also a vegan outdoorsman who frequents the trails and whitewater rivers of the pacific northwest and loves to spend his time with friends over a cold, dark beer.



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