Opening for Science Co-Editor!

Is one of your New Years resolutions to make your creative work more visible?  Or perhaps to live your spirituality more often?  Here is your opportunity!

We have an opening for a Science Co-Editor!  In this role, you will have support from others, while being the main writer for science posts here at HP.  Kansas Stanton is still a Science Co-Editor, but, while pursuing additional creative outlets, is making room for a main Science Co-Editor.  You don’t need a degree, and we are always here to answer questions if desired. 

Description – Watch for, and keep our community on top of, major scientific developments and trends.  Help maintain basic awareness of our incredible universe through articles on our current best understanding.  Articles on currently or newly popular pseudoscience scams also fit.  Connections to and importance in Paganism are helpful in any article, but not required.  The huge range of science provides a practically infinite supply of post topics (and we can supply ideas if you like).  The topic can relate to an upcoming Sabbat or not as you wish.

Frequency ( = c/lambda, of course!) – You will have some flexibility to set your own schedule.  As the main co-editor, you will supply the majority of posts, with occasional posts from Kansas, and with Kansas and Jon available for discussion and feedback as needed on most topics.  Anything between one post a quarter (4/year) and one post a month will work.  Not sure what a typical science post would look like?  Here are many previous science posts to refer to as examples.

Ready to get more involved in our Naturalistic Pagan community?  Applications will be accepted until February 25, 2020.  Please link to or submit a past or example post along with your bio to  – Thanks!


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