Massive Auroral Storm Last Night, More Possible Tonight! [Stardust, Contemplating]

The predicted shockwave slammed into our magnetosphere last light just as expected (thanks, science!), and further waves of particles in that blast that will likely continue the storm tonight (September 8th).  If you missed it last night, you might get a second chance.

This post is just a quick update – please refer to yesterday’s post for a full description of why the auroras are so special, and the details about them.  The storm appears to be continuing, so there is a good chance to see more auroras tonight.

The blast hit at 23:00 UT (9 pm EDT), compressing the magnetosphere and sparking a huge auroral display, visible as far south as Arkansas!  Spaceweather writes:

CME IMPACT SPARKS AURORAS, STOPS TRAFFIC: The debris from Wednesday’s monster X9-class solar flare reached Earth last night–and its impact was everything forecasters expected. A severe G4-class geomagnetic storm commenced, sparking auroras over Scandinavia so bright they actually stopped traffic.   …..    GEOMAGNETIC STORM UPDATE–IT’S BACK: Geomagnetic activity has intensified again as Earth passes through a region of strong magnetic fields in the wake of the CME that arrived last night. NOAA magnetometers are reporting renewed episodes of strong G3-class and severe G4-class storming on Sept. 8th. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras. Free: Aurora Alerts

Check out all the great pictures from this storm, here!

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