Announcing The New go-to Site for Naturalistic Pagan Blogging:!

Today marks the official launch of – a blog aggregator collecting new blog posts from the popular blogs “A Sense of Natural Wonder”, “Atheopaganism”, Humanistic Paganism”,  “Canadian Mutt”, and “The Allergic Pagan”!   You no longer have to remember to check all these different blogs – here they all are on one site, which you can subscribe to as well.

I have been constantly surprised at how often our approach is “invented” independently, time and time again.  In addition to finding individuals who had done so during the time from around 2003 to 2010, in 2011 B.T. Newberg founded this website and blog without either of us knowing about the other, and soon got in contact.  Since then, we’ve found Mark Green’s site “Atheopaganism”, gotten into contact with Lupa Greenwolf, and Rua Lupa, and found countless other Naturalistic Pagans (many of whom contribute on this blog site).  I guess for some, it just makes sense!  Similar naturalistic approaches to spirituality have also sprung up, including the Spiritual Naturalist Society, the Religious Naturalism Association, and many others in specific traditions like Buddhism, Judaism, etc.  The common ground of evidence shared by all these different naturalistic spiritualities paves the way for interfaith action in facing the problems that confront us all.

Our future continues to brighten, providing encouragement for visions like BT’s 50 year vision for Naturalistic Paganism.  What does our future hold?  How many other Naturalist Pagans do you know who are looking for a resource like this?  Please let them know!  As we grow and other groups spring up, we can use evidence based solutions to help build a better future for everyone.

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