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Welcome our new Science Editor, Kansas Stanton

Kansas Stanton is a Naturalistic Neo-Pagan who resides in Seattle, Washington. He belongs to, and practices with, a local group of Reform Pagans and blogs at He also volunteers every year at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle and regularly attends various Pagan festivals and events.

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[Dead Ideas] “Russian Serfdom I: You Got Serfed! – The Rise of Serfdom in Russia”, by B. T. Newberg

What is serfdom, and why did Russia take it up just as it was dying out elsewhere in Europe, then keep it all the way up till the mid-19th-century? This institution of near-slavery is the focus of our new epic series. Today, find out how you got serfed!

Be sure to support the show at to get your portrait drawn!

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Naturalistic Paganism’s Spectral Challenge – Part Three: Preparing to Encounter the Specters by Émile Wayne

Part Three will move us from the speculative and theoretical discussion of specters into more practical, ethical considerations. First, we need to think about why these encounters are necessary, and how to prepare for an ethically sound, constructive encounter.

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The Spring Equinox Approaches…

The growing daylight is a reminder from our Earth itself, one of those many helpful features of our seasons, to begin thinking about, and planning for, the Spring Equinox/Ostara. Another reminder – one that is rather bizarre – is the appearance of a warm-blooded plant!

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[Dead Ideas] “Buddy Genghis: Christian King of the East Prester John”, by B. T. Newberg Why did medieval Christians think the Mongols were Christians coming to team up with their Crusader bros to kick some Muslim butt? Well, it had to do with a fake news story about a certain legendary king called Prester…

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