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Godless Paganism Book Review by Gangleri

And since I always tend to take sides with the underdog: of course I recommend this book! No matter how far some of the ideas posed here stand from my own, everybody has to walk his/her own path, come to his/her own conclusions and if these are different from my own, that is actually a good thing. So, whether you consider yourself ‘theistic’ (like myself) or not and whether you are pagan or not (or of whatever kind) here we have a book to get a bit of a feel of other people’s ideas.

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The Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox: “Spiritual Naturalist Drumming” by DT Strain

As the famous jazz musician John Coltrane said, “All a musician can do is get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws”. Drumming, like any practice, may not be for everyone, but it is this very real and very natural enhanced perception that makes drumming a potential source of spiritual transformation.

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[Rotting Silver] “Hymn to the Winds” by B. T. Newberg

Gentle wind, rough wind, our wind, no wind– Many are the winds that help us. One by one we sing a hymn to you, singing: Help us appreciate our home. Gentle wind, you massage the tree leaves, Lead the rope…

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[Pagan in Place] “Even Here”, by Anna Walther

See? Even here and now, in the cracks of this suburban sidewalk, you spring up, green hands open to catch the rain.

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Are We are all Green-Men and Women? by Renee Lehnen

Shortly after my father died, my sisters and I received letters that he had written, tobacco stained fingers punching keyboard, weeks earlier. My atheist, politically conservative father wrote…..

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