Great Story Gift Ideas

The gift-giving season is coming up. Here are a few gift suggestions inspired by our themes for the month of November: Cosmology and Pantheism.

Living Cosmos Calendar

The Living Cosmos Calendar is a celebration of the sacred universe. It combines contemporary science with inspired passion, the heartwork of Peter Adair, with graphic design by Julia Jandrisits. Twelve stunning images illustrate Adair’s evocative prose, as the story unfolds one month at a time. 12” x 12” glossy format opening to 12” x 24”.

July_thumbnailJanuary – Radiant Emptiness: The Ground of Love
February – Symmetry Breaking: Birthing the Shimmering Universe
March – Whirling Galaxies: Wombs of Creativity
April – The Fecund Stars: Fashioners of the Elements
May – Mineral and Stone: Seeds of Sensitivity
June – The Moon: Midwife to the Oceans
July – Exuberant Microbes: Foundation of Life
August – Field of Beneficence: The Nurturing Sky
September – Extravagant Life: Plants, Animals, Fungi
October – Living Jewel: The Animate Earth
November – Grief and Delight: The Fabric of Life
December – The Radiant Human: Love’s Flowering

The Living Cosmos calendar is inspired by the work of  Thomas BerryBrian Thomas SwimmeMary Evelyn Tucker, John GrimMichael Dowd and Connie Barlow.


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Cosmic Story Bracelets

Cosmic Story Bracelets represent the unfolding of the New Cosmology and can be used as a wrist rosary for centering prayer.

Our Universe

Fifteen beads tell the Great Story of our Universe, fourteen billion years of evolution plus the Mystery, represented in various materials. 8mm semi-precious stones, glass, shell, bone, seed, wood and metal, separated by black glass seed beads with a toggle clasp.

Our Solar System

Nine Planets in order, including Pluto, represented by semi-precious stone beads in approximate relative scale, separated by black glass seed bead spacers with a toggle clasp.

Timespirals portray the sequence of events given to us by science and history about Earth’s evolving creation story, and show how we humans fit into 13.8 billion years of cosmic, geologic, biologic and historic evolution.

The six spiral timelines that make up the We Belong series illustrate how we belong — to the universe, to Earth, with all life.

Timespirals come in 2 forms:

  • a 3 dimensional form, spiraling up on a revolving base and beautiful for displaying, and
  • a 2 dimensional form, especially suited for teaching, referencing, transporting, as well as displaying.

Both the 3-D and the 2-D versions:

  • contain all 6 versions of the We Belong story on 3-separate spirals, which are printed on both sides
  • are heavily laminated to stand up to hands-on use and to be personalized with indelible ink
  • come with 4 reference sheets which are printed on both sides, offering detail, depth, and ideas for use.

Explore All Six Spiral Timelines: Each set of timespirals includes all 6 views of time, and makes use of color, text and graphics.

13.8 billion years to Now: We Belong to the Universeuniverse-100Tracking 9 billion years of galaxy and star evolution including lifecycles of different sizes of stars, leading to the emergence of Earth some 4.5 Billion years ago, and using the visual of Earth as it appears today.

4.5 billion years to Now: We Belong to Earthuniverse-100Showing colors of the planet’s surface as if photos had been shot from space every 100 million years to the present, and presenting the major cosmic, geologic, atmospheric and biologic events and processes that have occurred.

570 million years to Now: We Belong with All Lifeuniverse-100Chronicles the story of plate tectonics, major geologic events and emerging life.  It also identifies “common ancestors” where human lineage coincides with the lineage of other present-day life forms.

1,000,000 x 5,000 years to Now: We Belong with Perspectiveuniverse-100Using the powers of 10 (thereby summarizing events for the past 5,000- 50,000- 500,000 – 5 million – 50 million – 500 million and 5 billion years) — this spiral graphically illustrates that human civilization covers only 1 millionth the span of Earth’s story.

1650 AD to Now: We Belong — With Generations Past

universe-100The world has changed in astounding ways over the past 360 years. This timespiral tracks major events using 4 different themes, and invites personalizing the spiral to reflect ancestors and/or location-specific history.

The Future to Now: We Belong — To Dreams of the Future

universe-100A dual-purpose timespiral for both ancestry and for envisioning the future. Our visions of the future – whether positive or negative– affect our actions today. And today’s actions will determine the quality of life for future generations.

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