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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Send Your Submissions for “Godless Paganism” by Nov. 15

Send your submissions for the forthcoming anthology, Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans, by November 15.

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[Pagan in Place] “Creating a Local Lunar Calendar: Full Moon Names for Central Texas” by Anna Walther

The custom of naming full moons to mark the passage of the seasons appeals to me. It is a practice available to anyone in deep relationship with the land beneath their feet, anyone who knows by direct observation when the days lengthen, when the berries ripen, and when the cold winds come where they live.

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We need 7 more supporters for “Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans”

For $45 you will get a copy of “Godless Paganism” and your name or the name of the organization of your choice will appear on the acknowledgements page of the anthology!

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“The Patron Deities of an Atheist Pagan” by Melanie Elizabeth Hexen

I am a Sagan Pagan. An atheist Pagan. This does not make me popular with either the Pagans or the Atheists.

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“Why ‘Pagan’? An Atheist Pagan’s Response to a Theist” by John Halstead

Why do we call ourselves “Pagan”? Why not just call ourselves atheists or humanists? What does the “Pagan” label add to our identity?

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