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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Summer Cross-Quarter

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn cross-quarter or “summer thermistice” is celebrated on August 1 as Lughnasadh/Lammas. Astronomically, the event occurs on August 7th this year.

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“Spirituality From Science” by Brock Haussamen

In today’s debates about religion, many are looking for an overlap or a compromise between science and their beliefs in a transcendent God. But science itself, understood vividly and taken to heart, offers its own spiritual opportunities.

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[Pagan in Place] “Cicadas, Insect Allies” by Anna Walther

Insects offer another unique perspective from which to view our place in the living, breathing earth.

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Announcing: An educational course designed for naturalists!

Spirituality is not about knowing something, but about living it. Announcing: The first-ever online educational course designed for our community opens for enrollment August 2nd! This is B. T. Newberg here. Since handing over the reins of HP to John’s…

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