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Monthly Archives: August 2015

“The Death of God and the Rebirth of the Gods” by John Halstead

Sometimes the gods have to die in order for us to rediscover the gods.

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“On Being A Nietzschean Pagan” by Ashley Yakeley

Art is the creation of meaning, including the creation of the sacred. Art reveals truth. Thus by representing them, we manifest the gods. The pagan gods are the exaltation of human creativity, the human ability to create meaning, to create the sacred.

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “After the Ritual” by Bart Everson

This is a follow-up piece to last month’s essay, “Preparing A Ritual”. Before Something always seems to die around Lammas. Last year it was our pet fish, Inky. The year before it was a raccoon under the house. This year…

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Call for Essays: Gaia philosophy and the Earth

Our theme at HP for the month of September is Gaia philosophy and the Earth.

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[Rotting Silver] “Waiting” by B. T. Newberg

Rotting Silver is a column devoted to this Earth in all its tarnished radiance: poetry, prose, and parables of ugliness alloyed with joy.

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