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My name is Glenys Livingstone, and I am the author of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion (Lincoln NE: iUniverse 2005)

For over two decades I have been teaching and celebrating Earth’s sacred annual cycle, and for each Seasonal Moment in the preparation classes there has been an experiential meditation evolving – that I have shared with my students: it is a potent creative process, an eco-psychology, when the whole cycle is tasted … it is a geo-therapy (thanks to cosmologist Brian Swimme and geologian Thomas Berry for that term) that can heal and whole and create. Participating in the sacred process of the Wheel of the Year, celebrating GaiaEarth’s creativity is a Poiesis – the making of a world, and these meditations have enabled a taste and experience of this magical process for participants, including myself.

It is time now to share it further – especially for those around the globe who would like to have participated in the PaGaian seasonal ceremonies, and/or the ceremonial preparation classes over the years, who may like to taste it now – and in one’s own space, and perhaps with others. My creation of the CDs is for any who desire, and perhaps already have, deep conversation with the Mother, our sacred place of being – the meditations will meet a person at whatever self appointed place. In these times of deep change, a return to sacred ceremony seems more necessary – medicinal, even urgent – for the wholing of each and all, for the remembering of who and where we are.

So, for the past year or more I have been working with the wonderful sound engineer and musician Nick Alias, and conspirator Yia Alias, to produce the soundtracks for the eight seasonal moments, with an introduction and a concluding meditation. I also contacted artists whose music I wanted to use, and asked permission: I paid royalties to some, while others gave it freely. I carefully created a booklet to go with the CD set: it includes information about props needed for each meditation, time required, links, notes, images and acknowledgments. I was able to have video footage taken of a recent seasonal ceremony setting (Autumn Equinox) in the PaGaian ceremonial space, MoonCourt, along with some happy and willing apprentices and participants, for the promotion of this project.

The CD recordings are all now ready to go, but await the funds. – a set of three, and the booklet that goes with the set. Can you help?

I have worked out some rewards to encourage your participation and enjoyment … Her holy desire is felt throughout the Cosmos, and may be consciously so! Whether or not you are able to contribute with dollars, you may like to share the video below and project link with your networks.

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  • $30/35 (depending on your global location): you receive a copy of the triplet CD and booklet – if the goal of the project is reached and we are able to produce them.
  • $5: you can participate in the advent of this creativity, and help make it happen;
  • $100: a visit to MoonCourt (you are required to get yourself there), with tea and cake, simple ceremony, CD set, a DVDand the book PaGaian Cosmology;
  • and there are other optional rewards you may choose to enjoy as well.

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