Call for Essays: Non-Theistic Religion

Our theme for the month of May is non theistic religion.  Humanistic Pagans may be atheists, pantheists, or even animists. Not all Humanistic Pagans use theistic language, but some do.  Some Buddho-Pagans or otherwise influenced by non-theistic Buddhism.  Buddha Day is a holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists on different days in different countries, but usually in the month of May.  Send your submissions about Buddhism or other forms of non-theistic religion to humanisticpaganism [at] gmail [dot] come.

Monthly hemes for the rest of 2015:

  • June: Ancient Paganism and the Neo-Pagan revival
  • July:  Individualism and religious tradition, and feminism and gender issues
  • August:  Atheism and meaning
  • September: Gaia philosophy and the Earth
  • October: Superstition and reason, or belief and skepticism
  • November: Pantheism and cosmology
  • December: Science and the science-religion intersection

3 Comments on “Call for Essays: Non-Theistic Religion

  1. Dear Sir,

    I guess my (e-) book might interrest you for the section Pantheism and Cosmology in November. It is called Chaos Order and Consciousness and explaining why consciousness and the cosmos are identical. Summarising there are three hypothesis:
    The laws of nature are ever lasting, perfect and aiming for consciouss life in the cosmos.
    The cosmos is not material but a database with information over spacetime
    There must be a holoconsciousness that contains all exiisting information .
    I’m reasoning only with scientific arguments, I’m not a religious person.
    Cosmology, neuroscience and quantumphysics will pass in my book.
    Of course I admire my country companion Spinoza who , I think, was far ahead his time.

    If you give me a save e-mail adress, dropbox or drive account I can sent you a copy.


    Mattees van Dijk


  2. When are we going to get some articles on atheism? The gods don’t exist, and it’s long past time pagans stop talking to their imaginary friends!

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