May Day Music Mix by Bart Everson

Known by many names, that time at the end of April and the beginning of May offers an embarrassment of musical riches. It was a real struggle to pare this down under an hour while also trying to encompass the diverse global traditions of Floralia, Wapurgis, Beltane, May Day, International Workers Day, amongst others — yes even Whitsuntide. Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 9.10.21 PM Click on the image above to play.

The Mix-Master

Bart Everson

In addition to writing the A Pedagogy of Gaia column here at HumanisticPaganism, Bart Everson is a writer, a photographer, a baker of bread, a husband and a father. An award-winning videographer, he is co-creator of ROX, the first TV show on the internet. As a media artist and an advocate for faculty development in higher education, he is interested in current and emerging trends in social media, blogging, podcasting, et cetera, as well as contemplative pedagogy and integrative learning. He is a founding member of the Green Party of Louisiana, past president of Friends of Lafitte Corridor, sometime contributor to Rising Tide, and a participant in New Orleans Lamplight CircleSee Bart Everson’s other posts.

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