We’re off to Pantheacon!

If you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, then don’t miss out on Pantheacon, the largest indoor Pagan conference in the U.S., which runs From Friday through Monday (Feb 13 – 16) at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel.  And if you’re not in the area, then hop on a plane with some of HP’s staff and come anyway, because this year, there will be events specifically for Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans!

Mark Green of the Atheopaganism group has organized a panel on Atheism in Paganism entitled “Godless Bless”, featuring Mark, John Halstead, Jon Cleland Host, Aine Xenon, and Esther Bamberg, and moderated by Lupa Greenwolf.   The panel will take place in the Pagan Scholars Suite (Suite 967) on Sunday at 1:30-3:00.  There will also be an Atheopagan mixer/open house on Saturday 12-3 and a workshop and ritual on Sunday 3:30-5.

This is a step toward getting on Pantheacon’s official scheduling, which is our goal for next year.  To that end, we need a good turnout for these event.  So please come by and support Atheopaganism and HP.

HP’s Managing Editor, John Halstead (aka “Johnny Humanist”), will also be on the Patheos Pagan Bloggers panel entitled “The Good, The Bad, & The Blogging”. It’s first thing on Friday, at 1:30 p.m., right after the opening ritual.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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