Thank you! We did it!

Thank you to everyone who helped HP meet our fundraising goal!  And a special thank you to the following individuals:

Angela Tousey

Jon Cleland Host

B. T. Newberg

William Blumberg

Eric Steinhart

Bart Everson

Melissa Hope

Steven Laudano

David Dashifen Kees

Maggie Jay Lee

John Halstead

If you would like you name displayed differently above, please let me know.  If you contributed $25 or more and have not already let me know what site or blog you would like HP to link to, please email me at humanisticpaganism [at] gmail [dot] com.  Those of you who have should find the link in the menu bar to the right.

Thank you all again for your support.  The funds have been transferred to The Wild Hunt blog to secure our graphical underwriting ad on the main page of the site.

John Halstead
Managing Editor, Humanistic Paganism
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