Mid-Month Meditation: “An Altar for Broken Things” by Carol Green

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“An Altar for Broken Things” by Carol Green

I had an altar for broken things
bird wing
ceramic butterfly with glitter still glistening along its seams
dragonfly body
sections hung together like popbeads
plaster leg of a fallen goddess

All gathered one by one during broken years
when brokenness was a magnet for other lost parts
For years it nestled in a cupped hand the color of red clay
It sat in the North, frozen in the deep sleep of past wounds
waiting for a Magi’s touch

Frankincense to bless the altar where my spirit lay entombed
Myrrh to gentle the grief
Gold to pave the way home.

Note: The author has requested that no bio be included.

2 Comments on “Mid-Month Meditation: “An Altar for Broken Things” by Carol Green

  1. Hi, My name is Carol Green, and I submitted the poem “Altar for Broken Things” It’s credited properly in the right column. However, when the poem itself was printed, it’s credited to Kevin Rolly, and called Altars by Night. Can you fix this (it’s my first poem in print, and I’d like to share it with family and friends. Thanks! Carol Green

    • Carol, the attribution, “Altars by Night” by Kevin Rolly, applies to the picture, not the poem. I’ll clarify that above. Thank you for the poem!

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