Poetry by A. D’Agio

“Call To The Quarters” by D’Agio

call to the Four, by river-stones bend
while fire sprites swirl, by here we send
magick’s a foot, though hard to see
it’s night as the rook, broad as this tree

we light with care for all behold
the flame a midair, red orange aglow
its spark of life in you and me
most aged intent, broad as this tree

crocus in hand, oh fragrant and true
by moon it hath, my lady renews
flow o’r my soul, refresh and be free
so watered by hope, broad as this tree

deosil till dawn, mud twix the toes
on ground of all being, we’re n’er alone
land of the source, a veiled mystery
none cares for us more, broad as this tree

our leaves adrift on summer’s end
each ones’ a gift and none are penned
we heed the call, in true amity
spread love to all, broad as this tree


“Succession” by D’Agio


a seed lays; a seed lays; sleeps lays; sleeps sips tilts;
a seed pushes out, falls and crumbles
deepens soils enriching a bold shrub, and expansive cherry blooms…

then taller pine trees teach dark ringed oaks stretched out they point,
this one, this child will stand-in for our weeping elders who bend to chatter;
their eyes opened, soaked with water so they can not see…

Though, they are changed by the same complex, interactive dna-enviro entanglements,
they act purposeful, fearful and determinedly separate from the cycles.
Look carefully! Generations and generations have carefully nurtured these seeds of transformation.
It should be no surprise, those that stand today shall become the dust and muck of the morrow.
It cannot be reversed, delayed, stopped, or prayed away. We are here for just this season.
Accept, nah embrace and be the thrill that lies in knowing we have been the end and the new

a seed lays waiting…

The Author

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