Full Moon Poem by AtheistWitch

Today we continue our early spring theme, Inspiration, where we showcase examples of the poetic imagination flowing from the depths of the universe through the minds and hands of Naturalistic Pagans and friends.

This was originally published at AtheistWitch’s blog.

Ok, so I celebrate the full moon, right?

It seemed like a good natural cycle to follow in my aim to be more aware of nature, and also has a very strong tradition in “witchy” circles. The problem, however, was figuring out what to do? What I often did was read “The Charge of the Goddess” by Doreen Valiente, a very influential early Wiccan. It’s a beautiful poem, but impractical for me in some ways. I find it to be too maternalistic, in the sense that it is the Goddess talking down to the human. I didn’t like the God talking down to the human in Christianity, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. So I decided to try my shot at making own liturgy, one which would be naturalistic and also speak to what I was celebrating. But at the same time, I tried to keep a poetic register.

So without further ado …

I stand here below, gazing at the sky
Contemplating my home world’s only satellite,

The only celestial body visited by my kind,
Grey iron ore Amazon who coaxes the tides,
and whose bright reflected beams put a twinkle in my eyes
Eternal timekeeper as you slim and expand, as you recede and advance I remember again
that life is a circle, a loop without end,
our hormones tick tick as our energies we expend

White form in the darkness has inflamed the minds,
of men and women since the beginning of time
So I rejoice in life and ancestors as I gaze towards the heavens,
Rare full moon that is but one of six plus seven
and brands much of the magic I create with my mind
This night of plenilunio, so honor it I

The author


AtheistWitch: I was born in the middle of the United States, but have been living in Europe for most of my adult life.  I was raised an Evangelical Christian, but started to disconnect from my denomination at around the age of 16 when I realized I was gay.  I only admitted to being an atheist around the age of 23.  At some point, I started researching Wicca and Paganism in depth and liked most of what I saw, but didn’t want to give up my Atheism.  Since Wicca’s symbols are nominally related to real natural events or aspects, I realized I didn’t have to. While I don’t consider myself a Wiccan, I today call myself a naturalistic, atheistic eclectic, solitary witch.  I celebrate the wheel of the year, meditate, do rituals both complex and simple, strive towards better understanding of self and others, as I try to be an ecological eater and walk through the greener parts around my area on a regular basis.  It is an ever-evolving practice, one that attempts to remain scientifically and logically grounded, while at the same time involving a lot of humor and being very “me”.”  Here is the link to my blog: atheistwitch.blogspot.com.

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