“One Cell” by Catherine Podd

Today we continue our early spring theme, Inspiration, where we showcase examples of the artistic imagination flowing from the depths of the universe through the minds and hands of Naturalistic Pagans and friends.

For discussion: What feelings does this image evoke? What memories does it cause you to recall? What thoughts do you have about the picture?

The Artist

Catherine Podd: I am a 30 something over-thinker who contemplates our amazing planet and universe every moment possible. Massage Therapist and Reiki Teacher by day, loving mom to a son on the AWEtism spectrum the rest of the time.

7 Comments on ““One Cell” by Catherine Podd

  1. It seems like a mandala of the natural world to me. Life is flowing out of the center (the vines creeping upward).

    • oops….that’s what I get for commenting from work 😉 ^

  2. It makes me want to break out some crayons or pencils and get to coloring. Perhaps I will do so with my daughter this weekend.

      • Totally don’t mind! My son and I draw a lot of mandalas at home. It’s extremely meditative. 🙂

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