What to look forward to in 2014 at HP

We divide the year here at HP into 8 semi-seasonal themes, following the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year.  The themes for 2014 are inspired in part by the Earth Story Calendar created by Peter Adair.  Your contributions to any of these themes (or any other topic related to Naturalistic Paganism) are welcome.

Early Winter  (Dec 21-Feb 2)

Cosmic event: The birth of the universe

Theme: Beginnings

Questions: How does our religious (or non-religious) past continue to influence our future as Naturalistic Pagans, for better or for worse?

Late Winter (Feb 3-Mar 19)

Cosmic event: Galaxies emerge

Theme: Order/Structure

Questions: How do we structure our world as Naturalistic Pagans? How do we make a cosmos out of chaos with our beliefs and the stories we tell?

Early Spring (Mar 20-May 4)

Cosmic event: Supernovas and the seeding of space

Theme: Inspiration (Fire)

Questions: What role do intuition, inspiration, poetry, and art play in our Naturalistic Paganism?

Late Spring (May 5-Jun 20)

Cosmic event: The earth forms

Theme:  Practice (Earth)

Questions: Let’s bring our discussion “down to earth”.  How do we practice our Naturalistic Paganism with our senses and our bodies?

Early Summer (Jun 21-Aug 6)

Cosmic event: Formation of the atmosphere

Theme: Intellect (Air)

Questions: How do we make intellect serve wonder? What constructive role does intellectual inquiry play in our Naturalistic Paganism?

Late Summer (Aug 7-Sept 21)

Cosmic event: Formation of oceans on earth

Theme: Emotion (Water)

Questions: Naturalistic Paganism may sometimes seem to be a matter of the mind rather than an affair of the heart.  What positive role do the emotions play in our Naturalistic Paganism?

Early Autumn (Sept 22-Nov 6)

Cosmic event: Life emerges

Theme: Life and death

Questions: This was a very popular theme this past fall.  We will revisit these questions: What role does an awareness of death play in our spirituality as Naturalistic Pagans?

Late Autumn (Nov 7-Dec 21)

Cosmic event: The last great extinction

Theme: Responsibility

Questions: What ethical obligations do our beliefs impose on us as Naturalistic Pagans?


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