The mindfulness mindset, by Aaron Hernandez

In order for Mindfulness to work you have to be in a state of mind where you are able to focus your attention and be very much in tune with your own being. As a result, many counseling services in Sperryville VA or Counselors, Culpeper VA that train mindfulness techniques to others, also teach meditation techniques.

Most forms of meditation (and there are numerous techniques) involve the practice of concentration. You can either do this by repeating a phrase or a mantra over and over again or others prefer to focus on the sensation of deep breathing. Finally pursuits such as Tai Chi or Yoga are also a perfect vehicle for meditation because by their very nature, they can illicit the relaxed response and correct frame of mind you need. Once you are in a desired frame of mind, then mindfulness can begin.

So what exactly is mindfulness?

The idea behind it is that as we human beings are constantly multi-tasking and thinking about what we have to do next, we fail to pay attention to what’s going around us at that precise moment. By taking notice of the feelings, physical senses, and input from sight and sounds that are happening in the here and now, then it’s possible to learn to accept them for what they are without passing judgment. As a result Mindfulness can be a good tool for coping with issues such as stress and anger which is why many professionals from couples therapy in Sperryville VA to counseling services in Locust Grove VA practice and teach it.

Here’s how it works

Once you know how to establish concentration (through meditation) you are looking to simply observe all thoughts, emotions and sensations that enter into your body. This is done without judging them as bad or good. As you’re doing this you may also notice external sounds and sights such as a bird singing, or a tree swaying in the breeze, or the vivid colors of a flower in full blossom. In fact everything that makes up your experience in the here and now. The challenge is not to latch onto a particular sense, feeling or emotion, but to simply accept that it’s happening and observe what comes and goes. If you can manage to stay with the process as opposed to letting your mind wander off, then there’s a pretty good chance that the process will produce feelings of peace,  and a general calmness, thus aiding stress relief, worry and anger.

Used to its full potential, mindfulness is a very powerful tool and can be used in a number of situations. For example, when it comes to marriage counseling, Sperryville VA trainers often find that these techniques have a good success rate. In addition more and more Counselors, Culpeper VA and counselors in surrounding areas are adapting it to help other problem areas such as addictions, stress management and even conflict resolution.

The author

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  1. Clear and helpful. I have some heart surgery coming up and I was pleased to see the hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, suggest meditation and guided imagery to help relax prior to the surgery and to facilitate recovery (by reducing inflammation) afterwards.

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