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Monthly Archives: September 2012

A practical way to work your chakras, by Thomas Geddes

All too often I find that nearly everything written about working with chakras seems to focus around the thing of ‘Imagine a spinning ball of (coloured) light opening like a flower‘. To those of us with an agnostic (or atheistic)…

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Blasphemy Rights Day

Today is International Blasphemy Rights Day.  It’s Facebook page describes it as follows: International Blasphemy Rights Day, held each year on September 30, is a day to promote the rights to freedom of belief and expression and stand up in…

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Upcoming work

This Sunday Is there a naturalistic way to use chakras to balance your life? A practical way to work your chakras, by Thomas Geddes Appearing Sunday, September 30th, 2012 Thing on Thursday This week, Thing on Thursday asks: What are…

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What transcends you?

2012 Thing on Thursday #1 Humans seem to have a need to be part of something greater than themselves.  As a naturalist, what transcends you? I don’t mean transcendence in the sense of something supernatural, nor something merely greater in…

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Why do we do ritual?

– by B. T. Newberg It’s often claimed that ritual without literal deities or magic must be meaningless. This post aims to explode that idea. Many Pagans say that ritual is beneficial, whether or not deity “exists” or the magic…

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