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The following message arrived in my inbox this morning.  Pagan Square is a community blog space that runs the gamut of different views within Paganism, and naturalism could certainly use more representation. Check it out.

– B. T. Newberg, editor


The Humanist/Atheist Pagan/scientific pantheist movement is something I’ve been following since our family printing company printed the World Pantheist newsletter for several years in the 90’s.

I’m the publisher of Witches&Pagans magazine and the editor of both the magazine and its associated blogosphere

I’m currently recruiting selected viewpoints and authors for PaganSquare, and your site came to my attention as the home of a number of highly-qualified bloggers.

We can’t pay in Coin of Ye Realm (I’m a volunteer at my own business these days!) but we’ve got excellent traffic (the site as a whole is averaging 10,000 page views a day) and I promote every single blog post to Witches&Pagans 12,000+ Facebook fans as well as to Twitter, so we hope to provide our bloggers with an excellent venue.

Comments on your blog are a) by registered users only, which seems to be keeping the trolls away) and b) managed by you (so if a troll *does* show up at your blog, you are giving the tools to banish said beast, if that’s your choice. (Like I said, we’ve been troll free thus far.) When we put ads on the site later this year, each blogger will be provided with our second-largest ad size to promote whatever s/he wants to on his/her on blog, so that’s a chance to promote your site and/or projects.

If you can share this announcement with your bloggers, I’d be most appreciative.

Gaia bless,

Anne Newkirk Niven

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