Upcoming work

There’s some big news at the end of this post!

This Sunday

Chet Raymo

Winterviews continues with author Chet Raymo.

Is Christmas Day anything special to you?  Well, whether it is or isn’t, we’ve got a special present for you.  Religious Naturalist Chet Raymo, author of When God Is Gone, Everything is Holy, delivers a gift from his Science Musings collection.

Mystery, not miracle, by Chet Raymo

Appearing Sunday, December 25, 2011

Next Sunday

Bacchus by Caravaggio

Winterviews will be interrupted by a brief interlude to let you catch your breath after the New Years’ celebrations.

Instead, we’ve got a bit of fun coming your way. You know those quizzes that tell you what kind of lover you are, or which Star Wars character you are?  Well, we’ve got one just for you!

What kind of Humanistic Pagan are you? – a personality quiz

Appearing Sunday, January 1, 2012

Recent Work

A poetry of Place: An interview with Glenys Livingstone of PaGaian

Saving the marriage of science and religion, by B. T. Newberg

Existential Paganism, by Ian Edwards

Big news

So my wife and I have big news.

We’re moving to…

South Korea

…South Korea!

We’ve just landed jobs as English teachers there.  We’ll be going into the public schools and teaching alongside Korean teachers of English.  It’s going to be quite an adventure for me, my wife, and our cat too!

How will this affect the Humanistic Paganism site?  It’s difficult to say till we get there and see how much time the job demands, but suffice to say HP will continue.  If anything, the expanded perspective will make it better than ever!

P. S.  Yeah, yeah, we know – stay the *$%# away from North Korea!  Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere near!  Our jobs are in a southwestern province called Jeollabuk-do, the breadbasket of the country.

Look forward to some great pictures!

2 Comments on “Upcoming work

  1. Congratulations! I would like to visit that country myself so I hope you’ll send us those pictures. When do you move?

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