Ucoming work

This Sunday

Jon Cleland Host

On the weekend of Thanksgiving (for Americans; the Canadians’ was last month), Jon reveals what a marvelous universe we have to appreciate.

Naturalistic meaning and purpose, by Jon Cleland Host

Appearing Sunday, November 27th, on Humanistic Paganism.

Thing on Thursday

Althing in Session, by W. G. Collingwood

One of the most popular project ideas last time was developing meditations and rituals.  This week, we’ll ask what kind of meditations are meaningful for you.

Join us for the next council on matters vital to the future of Humanistic Paganism.

The conversation continues this Thursday, December 1st, on Humanistic Paganism.

Next Sunday

Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards is not naturalistic, but he explores what those who follow such paths contribute to the Pagan community.

Existential Paganism, by Ian Edwards

Appearing Sunday, December 4th, on Humanistic Paganism.

Recent Work

Deities as role models, by Eli Effinger-Weintraub

Real religion? by B. T. Newberg

Ritual – why bother? by Jake Diebolt

One Comment on “Ucoming work

  1. I’m excited at the prospect of the Ian Edwards article– or at least, the title of it. I relate to much of Humanistic Paganism but naturalism isn’t a particularly important concept to me. It sounds like he has a fascinating premise.

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