I’ve been interviewed!

People are taking note of what we’re doing here!

DT Strain, author of The Humanist Contemplative, interviews your devoted editor about Humanistic Paganism.

The Humanist Contemplative

DT Strain       B. T. Newberg portrait

DT Strain has been a mover-and-shaker in the world of Spiritual Humanism.  Now, he’s planning an extraordinary new project called the Spiritual Naturalist Society.  It promises to become a powerful new force sympathetic to Humanistic Paganism.  We’ll keep you posted on its emergence in the months to come.

Check out the interview today:

Exploring Humanism and Paganism with B. T. Newberg, by DT Strain

– B. T. Newberg

3 Comments on “I’ve been interviewed!

    • Read it and liked it. Although your approach to mythology appears to be quite different from mine. I wouldn’t use it to invoke a divine feeling, but see myth as a potential teacher. The way it plays our imaginations and keeps our attention in the telling helps put imagery to the lesson that helps in understanding the circumstance of the problem that is being solved. Just my two cents.

      Looking forward to the Spiritual Naturalist Society!

  1. Mythology can be a teacher too. And a lot of other things. But of course I had to choose one big idea and go with it.

    In what sense are myths teachers for you? Can you give an example? I really hope for more submissions in the future that concentrate on specific myths and what we can learn from them as naturalists.

    I have often felt that there are some myths that have a “moral” of the story, some that portray a role model and way of being-in-the-world, but then there are also some that utterly confound any attempt to pick out a “lesson” to be learned. So myths can be teachers, but they are also more than that.

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