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B. T. Newberg
Tomorrow is not just the Harvest Moon, it’s the 10th Anniversary of September 11th.  Ten years later, what place has politics in your spirituality?  Post-9/11, world politics has become impossible for spirituality to ignore.  Check it out:
Ten years after 9/11: World politics is an existential condition, by B. T. Newberg

Appearing September 11th on Humanistic Paganism.

Next Sunday

John H. Halstead

This piece rattles me.  John H. Halstead’s subtle essay, worthy of a journal like the Pomegranate, is revolutionizing the way I think about gods.  Put on your thinking caps, boys and girls.  You’re not gonna wanna miss this one.

The archetypes are gods: Re-godding the archetypes, by John H. Halstead

Appearing September 18th on Humanistic Paganism.

Big News on the Equinox

Shouting in the storm, by Lanier67

Finally, some BIG NEWS is coming on the autumn equinox.

One part is a big event in my life, and the other is a big event for Humanistic Paganism.

What’s in store?  Find out on the equinox!

Revealed on Friday, September 23rd, on Humanistic Paganism.

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Balance within nature: An interview with Rua Lupa

What does your practice look like?  by Eli Effinger-Weintraub

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