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This Sunday

Rua Lupa

Rua Lupa is back!  This time she reveals her visionary naturalistic path called Ehoah.  Don’t miss it: “Balance within nature: An interview with Rua Lupa.”

Appearing September 4th on Humanistic Paganism.

Next Sunday

B. T. Newberg
Then, in two weeks, we’ll have a special post for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  B. T. Newberg asks: Is there a place for politics in naturalistic spirituality?  What would that look like?  How can we work against fanaticism and toward peace?

Appearing September 11th on Humanistic Paganism.

Recent Work

What does your practice look like?  by Eli Effinger-Weintraub

Encounters in nature: An open-air dialogue in the North Woods, with Celtic polytheist Drew Jacob, Vodou priest Urban Haas, and Humanistic Pagan B. T. Newberg

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