Naturalistic Paganism

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Looking back, Looking forward, by John Halstead

Officially, my job as managing editor does not start until next Sunday, but I’m very excited, and I wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come. Looking back But before I do, I want to look back briefly….

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A tropical rainforest ontology: In search of a non-reductive naturalism, by John Halstead

Analytical philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote in “A Free Man’s Worship” that the world which science presents to us is purposeless and void of meaning, and our lives are nothing but the “outcome of accidental collocations of atoms.”  Similarly, Steven Weinberg…

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Pagan ritual as an encounter with depth, Part 2, by John Halstead

In Part 1, I discussed how I try to create ritual that is an expression of the unconscious.  Today, I will explain how I try to maintain the connection to the unconscious after the ritual is created. The routinization of…

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Pagan ritual as an encounter with depth, part 1, by John Halstead

We are not one Jungian-based Paganism begins with the proposition that the human psyche is not unitary. We are not one; we are many striving to become one.   As James Hillman writes, “every sophisticated theory of personality has to admit…

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My daily practice: Morning ritual, by John Halstead

I want to share what my daily practice is.  Basically, it involves four short prayers in the morning to the air, Sun, water, and earth.  Then I have a prayer over meals.  And finally I have a ritual at night…

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