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[The Dionysian Naturalist] “Our Universe Is A Sacred Living System, Part 2” by Wayne Martin Melliinger, Ph.D.

In the modern worldview, the human is clearly separated from the natural world. Humans looked out at the natural world and believed that all the cherished qualities that made them human were absent in the objective world — a sense of purpose, consciousness, intelligence, the capacity for meaning and spiritual presence. Over time the world became de-sacralized — the numinous powers, gods and goddesses, and other spiritual objects no longer assigned meaning to nature.

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[The Dionysian Naturalist] “Our Universe Is A Sacred Living System, Part 1” by Wayne Martin Melliinger, Ph.D.

Given our current ecological crisis, enflamed as it is by global climate change and numerous other issues, we must critically scrutinize our current conceptualization of our natural world, figure out if it is contributing to our problems and consider potential alternatives that might be able to guide us to a more sustainable way of living.

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Our Newest Column: The Dionysian Naturalist by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D.

We are please to announce our newest columnist, Wayne Martin Mellinger, P.D. His column is called The Dionysian Naturalist.

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