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“A Sticky, Sweaty, Complicated Mess (That Nearly Everyone Wants)” by Mark Green [An Atheopagan Life]

Unlike the guilt and shame and giggly self-consciousness associated with sexual desire and behavior by Abrahamic faiths, Paganism embraces the body as sacred and sex as a holy and pleasurable adult activity, not necessarily limited to monogamous relationships, but rather allowed by whatever the participants in those relationships decide is acceptable under their agreed rules.

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[An Atheopagan Life] “High Spring and the Renewal of the World” by Mark Green

High Spring is a time to remember that no matter what the circumstances, there is always opportunity for joy, for the appreciation of beauty. That there is always something to inspire with childlike wonder. That there is always a new chance to try again. And if anything, that efforts carried forward with joy are far more likely to succeed than those conducted with a wintry weariness.

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[An Atheopagan Life] “Riverain and Adapting the Wheel of the Year” by Mark Green

The most important part of my celebration of Riverain is my annual rain hike: When a nice heavy storm comes along, I suit up and go for a hike in a wilderness area. There is something moving and lovely about walking in the rain, cozy inside my layers of winter gear, with a beautiful trail all to myself, as I’m the only one crazy enough to go walking when it’s pouring. The sky rains down the sweet water, and I watch it flow down to the creeks, rivers and aquifers that sustain my life through the dry months.

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An Atheopagan Life, by Mark Green: “Observances Around the Year: November/December”

An Atheopagan Life is a monthly column about living an atheist, nature-honoring life. November and December certainly don’t lack for observances and holiday celebrations. In the temperate zone of the planet, pretty much every culture has had some way of…

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An Atheopagan Life: “Rituals, practices, musings of an Earth-honoring atheist” by Mark Green

HP is proud to introduce our new columnist, Mark Green, and the first contribution from his new column, “An Atheopagan Life: Practices and musings of an Earth-honoring atheist”. Mark’s column is about living an atheist, nature-honoring life.  Observances Around the Year:…

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