Naturalistic Paganism

Category: Atheism and Meaning

Visions, Part 3: The Power of Spiritual Experiences, by Jon Cleland Host (Starstuff, Contemplating)

Spiritual experiences are a powerful and wonderful part of being human – but what do they mean? Do they prove one religious path is right over all the others? What does the evidence show? What happened during my spiritual experience? Here is some discussion of these points, in this video:

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“The Death of God and the Rebirth of the Gods” by John Halstead

Sometimes the gods have to die in order for us to rediscover the gods.

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“On Being A Nietzschean Pagan” by Ashley Yakeley

Art is the creation of meaning, including the creation of the sacred. Art reveals truth. Thus by representing them, we manifest the gods. The pagan gods are the exaltation of human creativity, the human ability to create meaning, to create the sacred.

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“The Meaning of Life?” by Thomas Schenk

Perhaps the ultimate end our existence is something of a sublime old joke, but if it is, I at least want to be attentive enough to catch the joke and share a grand old chuckle with the cosmos.

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“What the Dress Can Teach Us About Spirituality” by Trellia

The Dress serves as a very useful metaphor for exploring spirituality and religion, and what religious belief can mean.

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