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Monthly Archives: March 2015

HP Pride: Meet C.F. Cooper

HP Pride is a new monthly column where we interview members of the Humanistic Paganism community and other like-minded friends. One or more interviews will be published every month. If you are not a “Big Name Pagan”, or if you…

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The Draft Pagan Community Statement on the Environment is available for public comment

LATEST UPDATE In honor of Earth Day, the statement has been published at where you can add your signature on Earth Day or any time after. The statement represents the beginning of a conversation, not the final word. Join us in…

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“Peace and Harmony” by Richard E. Jensen, PhD, ABPP

In our times of quieting, reflecting, and stillness, could we enjoy the peace and harmony that is ours to experience and allow it to help us to let go of our fears? could we allow our fears and anxieties to “dissipate” in our stillness (and they do), as we contemplate in quiet? Could we make the changes and adjustments that are needed to grow and change to emerge to our best self? Could we see ourselves as natural beings, living in a natural world without a need to reach to external supernatural powers?

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[Rotting Silver] “Lilies and Cedars and Corn” by B. T. Newberg

– 1. Ignorance – Come to me, soft Gratitude: As maiden Truth I am rolling in excrement, Picking it up and turning it, Molding figurines of deer and antelope, Cedars and mountains and absolutes, Exceeding so far in beauty I…

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For Discussion: Have you ever been terrified by the stars?

We Religious Naturalists often talk about a sense of awe we experience when contemplating the stars and the vastness of the universe. But religious experience is not always positive, and that is true of the experience of Religious Naturalists too. Have you ever experienced terror or a sense of being overwhelmed when contemplating the night sky or imagining the infinitesimal spaces between our atoms?

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