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Monthly Archives: February 2015

“Mother of Mysteries” from the Darwin Song Project

The Darwin Song Project is a compilation album, released in 2009, featuring folk artists from the UK and North America, who were tasked with the creation of new songs that had a resonance and relevance to Charles Darwin.  The album is available on YouTube,…

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Call for Essays: March’s theme at HP is Cosmos!

Albert Einsten was born this month, on March 14, 1879. The day is also celebrated as “Pi Day” (i.e., the date 3/14 = the numerical constant 3.14…)  This year is the Pi Day of the century … 3/14/15 = 3.1514….

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“Humanistic Pagans at Pantheacon” by John Halstead

This year’s Pantheacon included “the Atheopagan ‘coming out party’ to the broader Pagan community”.

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Mid-Month Meditation: “In the Darkness of Winter” by Jennifer S. Getsinger

We encourage our readers to use these Mid-Month Meditations as an opportunity to take a short break from everything else. Rather than treating these posts the way you would any other post, set aside 10 minutes someplace quiet and semi-private…

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[Rotting Silver] “Parable of the Earth’s Lover” by B. T. Newberg

From the Earth’s embrace, her lover pulled away. She asked, “What is wrong?” He replied, “You kissed me once and it was warm. But when you kissed again, it was cold, like the lips of a corpse. What does this…

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