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HP Pride: Be Interviewed on

We promise this is not an assassination ploy.

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“Gathering Around the Well: Ideas for Deepening Humanistic Pagan Community in 2015” by Anna Walther

I think conditions are favorable not only to maintain the well, but also to deepen it, by beginning to do ritual together. Our community meets primarily online, and geography separates us, so in-person, face-to-face meetings pose a challenge, but applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts make group calls relatively easy. What about regular group meditations, perhaps on each of the solar festivals of the Wheel of the Year?

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Call for Essays: Evolution and Evolutionary Science

“Mr. Darwin begs me to say that he receives so many letters that he cannot answer them all. He considers that the theory of evolution is quite compatible with the belief in a God; but that you must remember that…

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[An Atheopagan Life] “Riverain and Adapting the Wheel of the Year” by Mark Green

The most important part of my celebration of Riverain is my annual rain hike: When a nice heavy storm comes along, I suit up and go for a hike in a wilderness area. There is something moving and lovely about walking in the rain, cozy inside my layers of winter gear, with a beautiful trail all to myself, as I’m the only one crazy enough to go walking when it’s pouring. The sky rains down the sweet water, and I watch it flow down to the creeks, rivers and aquifers that sustain my life through the dry months.

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[Starstuff, Contemplating] “Celebrating hidden life – Imbolc” by Heather and Jon Cleland-Host

Imbolc is a time for reflection and anticipation. In addition to anticipating the end of winter, the emergence of plants germinating through the winter, and the birth of animals in the spring, it is doubly meaningful for those mapping the human lifetime, as it matches gestation, or the time before birth.

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