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Pagan ritual as an encounter with depth, part 1, by John Halstead

We are not one Jungian-based Paganism begins with the proposition that the human psyche is not unitary. We are not one; we are many striving to become one.   As James Hillman writes, “every sophisticated theory of personality has to admit…

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Upcoming work

Get set for two weeks of ritual and the unconscious with John H. Halstead, author of The Allergic Pagan. This Sunday When the purpose of ritual is to listen to the unconscious, how can we consciously create ritual? Pagan ritual…

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Isis in Big History, Part 4: From the Cosmos to Daily Life

– by B. T. Newberg Big History is the entire story of the universe.  In the scale of cosmic time, human life can and perhaps should feel dwarfed – it puts us in perspective. At the same time, the story…

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Isis in Big History, Part 3: From the Middle Ages to the Modern Era

– by B. T. Newberg What happens when a myth goes through an extinction event? Pagan cults were stamped out as far as possible under Christian domination, but Isian strains survived through radical adaptation. This post is the third in…

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Isis in Big History, Part 2: From the Egyptians to Late Antiquity

– by B. T. Newberg Last time, the conditions were set for the rise of the myth of Isis.  This time, let’s explore how she emerged and adapted over time to fit the shifting environment of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman…

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