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Reform Paganism is Here! by Kansas Stanton

In April, Dr Jon Cleland Host and I met up in Detroit and after a short discussion, combined with him meeting my group leader, Baldr, earlier at ConVocation in February, we agreed that writing an article unrelated to science news…

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Omnivorous versus Vegan Diets: A Debate. Part III, by Renee Lehnen & Kansas Stanton

I’m glad you feel as healthy on your vegan diet as I feel as an omnivore. To conclude, I think we both agree that the earth and its plants and creatures including us benefit when we eat locally, sustainably grown food that is prepared with love.

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Omnivorous versus Vegan Diets: A Debate. Part II, by Kansas Stanton & Renee Lehnen

I am all for cats eating meat! We are the primary consumers in this overpopulated world and we have a choice. Cats do not; they are obligate carnivores.

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Omnivorous versus Vegan Diets: A Debate. Part I, by Renee Lehnen & Kansas Stanton

You can process vegan food to coax out the zinc. Or you could have a couple of oysters or an egg. Let’s shift from nutrients to the big picture- humans in the biosphere.

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Neanderthals, by Kansas Stanton

This proves that our relation to Neandertals are not bound strictly by DNA, but by the shared humanity of understanding, the importance of storytelling, and ritualizing rites of passage. The more we segregate and conceit ourselves from the history of Earth’s species and where we come from, the more this is mirrored toward our human peers within our day-to-day activities, and to the shared animals of our planet.

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